IFA Gold Membership  $ 2,500 per year per company

All Products are presented by Chef Walter from viewpoints such as:
Organoleptic structure of selected IFA products
Functionality of use (or paired in specific recipes), developed by the Chef and his IFA Quality controlled Team.

IFA provides the followingservices
1) Tell a story that sticks / 2) Winning press kit
/ 3) Labeling control / 4) Monitor products review / 6) Evaluate competition

1)IFA Gold Membership includes 

Producer's participation to 1the Fancy Food Show (1) per year (New York or San Francisco).

Commercial IFA Products Presentation during Cooking Shows. Chef Walter is the spoke-person for the products in Fancy Food Show.

Live presentations with tastings to buyers and members of the media outlet and the business community.

Cost of products shipped to the USA for the Trade Shows is absorbed by the Company / Producers. Producer's participation is optional

2) One Day to know:  Include

Commercial New Products Workshop

Duration: 2 events yearly Spring & Fall to be held in the city of Providence Rhode Island (New England) USA
Professional Presentation of technical and sensory analisys of products toward operators and buyers of the USA Marketplace

from supermarkets chains to representative of HORECA and Health Care.

3) Italian Taste around the world:
Location: International Hotel Chains located throughout the world.
Chef Walter Potenza participates as a visiting-consulting Chef in

International Food-Promo Events.Products represented by IFA will be offered as new solutions to new markets and world buyers.

Duration: 1-14 Days

4) Virtual Show Case:  Include
IFA web and related social media outlet / On the IFA website Italianfoodartisans.com / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Google+ Periscope / IFA Blog.

On the IFA website producers will enjoy a description and photos of their products, the producers as well as a brief history of the company.

A link will be established to connect with the producer's main website.
Duration: 12 months

5) Corner Shop:  Include
Permanent exhibit space in Chef Walters Cooking School for promotion of the products and marketing solutions.
Duration: 12 months

6) Unlimited Products from each company featuredin IFA Marketing portfolio

8) Permanent address visibility in the USAfor your company, with office representitive

9) Member of Specialty Food Association through Italian Food Artisans / no charge

10) Free consulting services "HOW TO DO BUSINESS IN THE USA" details here


Celebrating pride, quality & the commitment to craftsmanship


Chef Walter Potenza