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Speaker & Presenter Master Chef Walter Potenza has been featured on National and International Conferences & Trade Shows as well as on USA and World Media for the past 4 decades.

Chef Walters Speaking Events Partial summary from 2000 to present

Simon's Deliver Minnesota international Conference
Pillsbury Training Educational Conference, Minnesota
NRA Conference Chicago 2005, 06, 07
Italian Food Summit Chicago
IACP Conference 2000 Providence RI
IACP Conference Dallas, Texas
Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, Utah
Torino Italy Winter Olympics
, Italy
Vancouver Canada Winter Olympics, Canada

Sochi Winter Olympics, Russia
James Beard Foundation Events New York City
NY Gluten Free National Summit Providence
Gluten Free National Summit CIA Hyde Park NY

Gluten Free National Summit, Providence Rhode Island
Schwan's Corporation Minneapolis Freschetta Food Brand Minneapolis
Health and Grain Conference Roma Italy
Little Italy Conference Troy New York
Little Italy Conference Niagara Falls New York
Mohawk Valley Tourism Conference Buffalo New York
American Academy Hospitality Sciences, Lausanne Switzerland
Almond Board Modesto California
Agriculture & Trends, Salinas, California Steinbeck Center
Dairy Council Conference Chicago NRA
Conference St. Louis Cooks, St. Louis Missouri
Texas Cooks Conference Arlington Texas
Ciao Italia Puglia Conference Bari Italy
Ciao Italia Conference Lecce Italy
Tourism Council New England New Haven CT

Pulse National Conference Napa California
Barilla Pasta Championship Parma Italy
Jewish Museum New York NY
Temple Beth El Providence Rhode Island
Jewish Alliance Miriam Hospital Providence Rhode Island
Jewish Brotherhood Cranston Rhode Island
North Dakota Chef Alliance Fargo ND
Research Chefs of America Conference San Antonio Texas
Research Chefs of America Conference Portland Oregon
GVCI Vico Equense Sorrento Italy International Forum
Speaker & Presenter at World Summit of Italian Cuisine, Dubai
Speaker & Presenter at Italian Cuisine World Forum # 4 New York 2014
Barilla World Pasta Championship in Parma Italy June 2015
Speaker & Presenter at Italian Cuisine World Forum # 5 in Florence Italy, June 2015
Speaker & Presenter at World Expo Milan 2015
Presenter & Speaker at World Summit of Italian Cuisines Dubai 2015
Presenter and Speaker at Kempinsky Hotel Beijiing China 2016

Presenter & Speaker Lensi Pasta Manhattan NY City
Presenter and Speaker at World Summit of Italian Cuisines  Dubai 2016

Presenter & Speaker at Specialty Foods Golfoods Dubai 2017

Presenter of Redoro Olive oil Promo Channel NY

Presenter & Speaker at Fancy Food Show NY 2018 IFA Booth

Speaker & Presenter

Chef Walter Potenza


Celebrating pride, quality & the commitment to craftsmanship