Chef Walter Potenza

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Company responsible for products shipments

Inclusion in the program

Location amenities / Chef Walters Cooking School

Food samples offered with wines / by Chef Walter

Logistics / Receiving products / Set up / Cleaning / Staff

Marketing / Promotion / Media and Social Connections

Italian Wine Artisans services are designed to assist medium to small Italian wine producers with visibility, marketing and positioning in the USA Marketplace.

Entering any markets is never an easy task.

We will introduce your products to importers and buyers as well as members of HO.RE.CA, and monitor your products in every details to ensure the proper placement.


Two (2) days event in the city of Cranston Rhode Island at L' Accademia del Vino USA

Day 1 - Meet importers and buyers who will sample your products and a detailed presentation on the history, territory and logistic info (prices, availability and more)

Day 2 - Meet Chefs, Restaurateurs, Trade, Media and Consumers

Day 3 - Dinner Event at Chef Walters Cooking School with menu designed around the wines, and a chance to meet and network with additional representatives of the trade.

Additional details

Company representatives must attend for the presentation to properly speak about the company and the wines.

Marketing material such as banners, posters, etc. to be included with the shipping of the wine along with anything of relevance to properly display the philosophy and the message intended.