IFA provides the following

1) Tell a story that sticks

2) Winning press kit

3) Best media channels

4) Monitor products review

5) National stage network

6) Evaluate competition

DUBAI 2018

Enter and make your business visible in the USA Marketplace.....and stay there with affordable services

Italian Food Artisans is the first American Food Promotion Business Network entirely dedicated to Italian Food & Wine Producers with Artisanal, Craftsmanship and Quality driven philosophy. IFA is the brain-child of Master Chef Walter Potenza who has made the art of “Eating Well” the main objective of his long-lasting career. IFA services are directed to medium-large Italian food companies who desire to achieve an exclusive visibility with a modern approach in the USA Marketplace. Very often Italian producers who have entered the American markets have been of mediocre standards but most of all the techniques and strategies implemented have not offered substantial networking results for the overall positioning and bottom-line growth. IFA new approach in utilizing Chefs, International Arenas and Experts  in the industry provides the innovative visibility and business opportunities in establishing the pride and the undoubted quality of Italian Food Artisans in the Main Stream  America Food Scene.You may use your own importers or USITA our own Importing Company.

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Business Results

IFA in cooperation with producers defines a business strategy in the near - mid and long term prospect. IFA links actions to strategy  and measures progress toward realizing the goal of successful bottom-line results

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IFA introduces new and Artisanal food products through test marketing, segmentation, positioning, branding, targeting, consumer research and market entry strategies. Identifying "What's Missing" in the USA marketplace.



IFA creates a communication strategy to identify key messages and product positioning. IFA will integrate public relations, social media, video and content within the advertising and digital marketing strategy


Celebrating pride, quality & the commitment to craftsmanship

Italian Food Artisans  NEW BUSINESS APPROACH

Create / Promote / Engage / Optimize / Strategy / Analyze / Marketing / Content

Chef Walter Potenza